About PPPs

Parent Participation Preschools are founded on the principle of learning through play. Our carefully crafted programs enable children to explore their first school setting freely and safely in a quality, engaging and collaborative environment.

Parent Participation Preschools are different than other preschools because our parents are directly involved. Parents have the opportunity to be with their child one or twice a month in the classroom, to have a say in the administration of their child’s school and to attend monthly evening meetings with free parenting education and school business discussions. Parent Participation Preschools are a great place for both children and parents to learn new skills, meet new friends and take the first steps together in a school setting.

What will your child gain from attending a Parent Participation Preschool?

  • A quality educational experience
  • An atmosphere in which curiosity and creativity are encouraged
  • The highest adult/child ratios of any preschool setting
  • The chance to enjoy having a parent, grandparent or caregiver sharing time in the classroom, once or twice a month
  • The opportunity to build friendships with other children and feel part of a caring community of teachers, classmates and duty parents

What benefits will parents receive from a Parent Participation Preschool?

  • The opportunity to be an active partner in your child’s education
  • The opportunity to share classroom time with your child and other children of the same age
  • The opportunity to increase parenting skills and share experiences about raising children at parent education sessions
  • The ability to have a direct say in the administration of the school and vote on school policies
  • A chance to meet other parent, make new friends and feel part of friendly community