Learning Through Play

Parent Participation Preschools are founded on the principle of learning through play. Current research shows that young children learn best through play-based environments. Play provides essential opportunities for children to explore, experiment and learn about the world around them. Our well crafted programs provide both free play and directed play activities to foster creativity, socialization, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

“Play is a vehicle for learning and lies at the core of innovation and creativity. It provides opportunities for learning in a context in which children are at their most receptive.” from p. 13 of the Ontario Full-Day Early Learning Goals draft.

CMEC Statement on Play-Based Learning

BC Early Years Strategy – is a cross-ministry framework that is guided by the goals of improving the accessibility, quality and affordability of early years programs and services.

American Academy of Pediatrics Importance of Play Study

BC Ministry of Education Learning Framework – Ministry of Education

puts play-based learning as the foundation of Early Learning Goals for BC children

Play – It’s the Way Young Children Learn

Cooperative Preschools: The Best Kept Secret

The Importance of Play in Developing Healthy Childhood Development

Play in the Early Years

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